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“I met Greice through Council Capital and was impressed by the agility with which she spearheaded the acquisition of her company with the renowned private equity firm. Greice freely shared what she had learned in the process of the acquisition on an M&A panel that I hosted. She truly brightened up our panel with her energy and enthusiasm. I could tell right away her leadership and communication skills are outstanding, and so is her desire to make the world a better place.”

Tajtana Paterno

Partner, Bass, Berry & Sims PLC

Tatjana Paterno.jpg

“Greice is a brilliant entrepreneur who has built a multimillion-dollar company from the ground up, then successfully sold a portion to a top private equity firm. How? Greice is a leader with a clear vision who puts people first. She also happens to have a brilliant financial and operational mind who is also committed to continuous personal and professional growth. She brings that to work with her every day, inspiring her teams, her customers and partners - delivering excellence in everything she does. What is even more impressive is that she did this as a new American, coming from Brazil, learning the American culture and embodying the American dream. It's a privilege to know and collaborate with her.”

Genevieve Bos

Board Member & Investor, Fortunian


“I had the privilege of partnering with Greice as her fractional CTO at ACP. As a fearless leader, as a champion for those under the care of ACP, as someone who exemplified her company's mission, purpose, and values in her everyday decision-making, Greice was a formidable and inspiring boss. She always leads by example and was relentless in the pursuit of excellence for her company.”

Sameer Bhargava

Chief Analytics & Strategy Officer, ViaQuest

Sameer Bhargava.jpg

“At ESP, we are so incredibly fortunate to be able to count on the unwavering support of Greice Murphy. She feels passionate about helping medically fragile children, while also bringing her business experience to make sure we build a sustainable organization for years to come. Concretely, Greice played a pivotal role in shaping the vision of our organization, leveraged her extensive network and believes in helping other women professionals along the way.”

Laura Whitaker

Executive Director, ESP

Laura Whitaker .jpg

“Greice has provided enormous guidance to me, personally, and to my company, giving me concrete tools to nurture an efficient team so I can focus on the big picture. She has also opened my vision and provided guidance about the direction I need to take. What I'm most grateful for is that she has offered and taken my daughter under her wing, guiding and mentoring her so that she can fulfill her full potential. For this, I am eternally grateful. For all these reasons, Greice is more than a friend, she is family now.”

Dr. Stephen Lascala

Founder, Balanced Aesthetics Medspa & Hormone Clinic


“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Greice on the board of ACP. Greice is a dynamic, driven, accomplished entrepreneur and executive who is an inspiration for people in business everywhere. She is a gifted and talented leader.  In particular, she has an innate skill to seek the best in an individual and mentor them towards success.”

Darin Gordon

Board Member, ACP


“Greice is the embodiment of conscious leadership and caring culture - two of the key pillars of conscious capitalism. She genuinely cares about helping people thrive in all aspects of their lives. She knows that leadership is about inspiring people towards a common goal. As a result, her approach translates into employees and customers engagement among a long list of benefits, least of all resulting in triple bottom line.”

Kent Gregoire

Founder & CEO, Symphony Advantage

Kent Gregoire .jpg

“It’s rare to come across outstanding leaders like Greice Murphy. I had the pleasure of working with her for eight years at Advanced Care Partners, working by her side on a daily basis. I was particularly impressed with her ability to command a room—effortlessly. Greice is a natural leader who inspires people, genuinely cares for them, while also being incredibly efficient as it relates day-to-day operations. The best part is that, no matter what, Greice always has a smile on her face and finds the positive in any situation.”

Rob Monn

Director of Client Services, ACP

Rob Monn.jpg

“Greice has been a mentor of mine for many years. Thanks to her continued support, I have had the opportunity to learn how to be a better entrepreneur, CEO and leader. Sharp and inquisitive, Greice is an incredible teacher. She provides the perfect blend of support and encouragement, while challenging you and pushing you to be the best version of yourself.”

Jeremy Le

CEO, Albert’s House

Jeremy Le.jpg

“Greice Murphy is just WOW. She’s a seasoned entrepreneur who has built a multimillion-dollar company in less than a decade. She is one of these rare leaders who are as good with people as they are with numbers. She’s equally brilliant at setting the big picture as well as understanding the day-to-day operations to get things done. She establishes her bold vision, recruits and retains the right people to implement said vision, and makes sure it is all done in a sustainable way for the company’s bottom line. She also cares deeply about her friends and colleagues and gives her time and talents freely whenever they need it.”

Nicki Shroeder

CMO, High Road Craft Ice Cream

Nicki Shroeder.jpg

“It's been an honor to collaborate with Greice as a CEO-to-CEO peer for the last 4 years. Through her heightened and intent listening skills, Greice has a unique and innate ability to quickly decipher and organize information, identify missing facts, and get the bottom the situation, so the real questions can be asked. This passionate gift she holds allows her to clearly communicate actionable, knowledgeable, and creative solutions to the toughest of problems. Her entrepreneurial spirit combined with her executive leadership skills have inspired me to become a stronger leader for my organization.”

David Miller

CEO, PeachCap

David Miller.jpg

“With ACP, Greice built something truly unique based on a deep understanding of the at-home nursing care industry, her natural ability to understand and bring people together, and a deep sense of care and compassion. These factors played a pivotal role in the success of the company and were some of the key reasons Council Capital was drawn to Greice and ACP.”

Paul Lagarde

Senior Associate, Council Capital

Paul Lagarde.jpg

“I am thankful to have partnered with Greice at ACP, where I represented the lead investor on the Board of Directors. Greice is intelligent, charismatic, extraordinarily hard working, and works hard to build meaningful relationships with those she interacts with. She uses these significant strengths as an entrepreneur to galvanize her team around an important mission, in order to do what very few people do well - that is to successfully create a start-up!”

Grant Jackson

Managing General Partner, Council Capital

Grant Jackson.jpg

“It has been a great pleasure working with Greice on the board of ACP. Greice is a dynamic , and driven entrepreneur. She is mission driven and always wants the best in all things for those she serves. She has a strong financial background . She is an true advocate for her patients, caregivers and industry.”

Mary Evans

Product Owner, AIM Specialty Health

Mary Evans.jpg
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